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Sharing our customers’ victories can give you fresh insight on how to overcome your own challenges. And how Lectra can help you do the same.

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Muebles Liz (Mexico)

Find out how Muebles Liz quadrupled production capacity, reduced costs and improved cut piece quality with the help of Lectra’s expertise and a new Vector® fabric cutting solution.

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Polipol (Germany)

Get an inside look at Polipol’s pioneering integrated production system which uses offline nesting to optimize hide consumption and increase productivity.

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Ekornes (Norway)

See how Versalis helps Ekornes increase productivity and gain a 5% increase in hide efficiency without increasing resources.

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Duvivier Productions (France)

Using Versalis has helped Duvivier Productions preserve their traditional, manual craftsmanship and double the number of hides cut per day while maintaining competitive prices.

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