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Sharing our customers’ victories can give you fresh insight on how to overcome your own challenges. And how Lectra can help you do the same.

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Moroso (Italia)

Lectra’s technology has helped us evaluate the comfort and feasibility of a product from the very early stages of the process. This translates into time savings and a greater awareness of design choices.

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B&B Italia (Italia)

Driven by a passion for industrial innovation that bolsters design creativity and product quality, the contemporary furniture company chose the Versalis offline process to increase productivity, reduce hide consumption and enhance product quality.

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Polipol (Germany) - Partnership

How did partnering with Lectra help Polipol transform its production process?

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Polipol (Germany) - Expertise

How did Lectra’s expertise help Polipol optimize cutting room performance?

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Polipol (Germany) - Innovation

What innovative technology helped Polipol increase the efficiency of their entire production process?

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Trayton Group (China)

Find out how Trayton lowered operational costs, increased flexibility and achieved consistent quality with an automated cutting process.

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Godfrey Syrett (UK)

Find out how Godfrey Syrett achieved  a 70% increase in capacity, fabric savings of £150,000 per year and significant improvement in the consistency and quality of cut pieces.

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Muebles Liz (Mexico)

Find out how Muebles Liz quadrupled production capacity, reduced costs and improved cut piece quality with the help of Lectra’s expertise and a new Vector® fabric cutting solution.

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Polipol (Germany)

Get an inside look at Polipol’s pioneering integrated production system which uses offline nesting to optimize hide consumption and increase productivity.

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