Lectra works with the furniture industry, for the furniture industry. We combine your experience in upholstered furniture manufacturing with our expertise and state-of-the-art technology to devise innovative processes, from design to cutting, that help you create value, achieve your strategic objectives and increase profits.

Cutting room 4.0 for made-to-order production

2018 will be the year you supercharge the efficiency and performance of your made-to-order furniture production operations.

With Lectra’s soon-to-be-released Cutting Room 4.0 for Made-to-Order Production, you will gain a smarter, networked production process—from order processing to production of cut parts—that allows you to maintain profitability and productivity while managing the complexity of mass customization.

Incorporating Industry 4.0 technologies, this modular solution eliminates the limitations of current cutting rooms.

The completely digitalized flow of data, from your ERP system to your cutting room, will give your organization the connectivity it needs for greater visibility, insights, and control.

Design & Product Development

With Lectra’s virtual prototyping and costing software solution, you can explore the feasibility of new styles, new materials, and integrating new functions without creating physical prototypes.

Ultra-realistic 3D virtual prototypes can be shared amongst different teams, in different locations. Technical specifications and cutting plans are automatically generated and updated when changes are made to the original design.

Accurate forecasting of material use and evaluation of the profitability of a design mean you won’t be faced with unpleasant costs later in the process.

Whether manufacturing mass-produced pieces, limited runs or one-offs, our product development solution puts a simplified, accelerated pre-production process at your fingertips.

Leather cutting room

More than just a leather cutting machine, Lectra’s Versalis provides a state-of-the-art automated cutting solution that takes into account the natural variability among hides.

With a Versalis cutting room, you will have a production process that is up to five times more productive than a manual one. You can save up to 10% on leather consumption thanks to the combination of powerful automated nesting software and high-precision scanning and cutting.

Increase productivity, maximize hide usage and gain the flexibility to efficiently and cost-effectively produce regardless of hide quality and model complexity with a Versalis cutting room.

MASS PRODUCTION - Fabric cutting room

Optimize production costs, improve quality, and shorten production cycle time with Vector! A Vector cutting room combines high-performance production equipment and software for single, low, or multi-ply spreading and cutting for the ultimate in flexibility.

Significant fabric savings, the ability to cut plain and perfectly matched patterned fabrics, low total cost of ownership per piece, unprecedented uptime and outstanding cut precision are only some of the reasons upholstered furniture manufacturers around the world consider Vector the standard in fabric cutting.

With Vector, you have the flexibility to handle just-in-time production fluctuations, unplanned orders, short and mass-production runs with ease.