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Trends are constantly changing, consumers want more choice and customization, with quality and rapid delivery, at the lowest price.

To protect your margins, agile and innovative manufacturing solutions and processes are essential.

Only Lectra has the expertise to support you and ensure you maximize your competitive advantage. 


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Make it faster

Get your collections to market and deliver quicker 

Design your furniture, get it on the market and fulfill orders, faster. We’ll help you optimize processes from design to cutting, so, you can anticipate and manage costs effectively, quickly react to changing demands, and stay ahead of the competition.

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Make it profitably

Increase margins and reduce manufacturing costs

Anticipate and reduce costs at every stage of your process. Streamline product development, minimize wasted materials and human resources and optimize your operations. With Lectra, you’ll gain greater control of your costs and your bottom line.

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Make it efficiently

Improve your production processes

Make your production as efficient as possible. We’ll help you optimize processes and resources, maximize operational uptime and improve quality. You’ll gain the flexibility, agility and visibility to meet your objectives and maintain your margins.

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Make it customized

Offer your customers more variety

Increase your competitive edge by giving consumers more choice. Manage customization and modularity with a wider range of styles, colors, materials and embedded technology that consumers want. With Lectra, you’ll discover how you can develop and manage more designs, 3D prototypes and collections. 

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Make it responsibly

Take your corporate responsibility seriously

Build sustainability and responsibility into every step of your production process. With Lectra, you can optimize resources, reduce wastage and ensure traceability. And create a safer working environment for your employees.

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Make it the right quality

Deliver the quality your consumers demand

Use quality to set you apart from the competition. We’ll help you optimize, automate and standardize processes, from design to upholstery, eliminating errors and ensuring repeatable, sustainable finished quality your consumers will appreciate.

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Comprehensive and advanced solutions

Lectra works with the furniture industry, for the furniture industry. We combine your experience in upholstered furniture manufacturing with our expertise and state of the art technology to create more than just solutions – innovative processes for you to create value, achieve your strategic objectives and increase profits.

ExpertiseProduct DevelopmentIndustrializationProduction


LECTRA’s expertise, at every stage of your process

Lectra has more than 30 years experience in delivering successful projects to help the biggest names in upholstered furniture manufacturing to overcome their challenges and meet their strategic objectives. Lectra’s expertise, combined with a flexible, end-to-end offer, from product development to post-production, enables furniture producers to make the right investment at the right time, for maximum benefit.

Product Development

Offer greater variety, exploring a multitude of creative avenues and evaluating the technical feasibility and profitability of a new model early in the process.

Simplify, automate, and speed up the process of model definition by adopting a design- to-cost approach.

Reduce costs by using Lectra’s DesignConcept furniture software to create models in 3D and to develop and flatten forms in 2D to prepare automatic nesting and cutting of all types of materials, leather and fabric. 


Adopt a design-for-manufacturing approach to streamline your production processes, and eliminate delays and cost overruns that can impair your competitiveness. Optimize material use with Lectra’s industrialization software. For leather, users can define quality zones for higher yield and can nest critical pieces manually for greater control over nesting. For fabrics, matched patterned pieces are perfectly aligned. Cut order handling time in two by processing markers automatically.


Leather cutting room

Be amazed by Lectra’s Versalis! More than just a leather cutting machine, this modular solution meets even the most stringent requirements of furniture production.
Save materials by optimizing your production cycle while maintaining unrivaled cutting quality.
Further improve productivity by removing the interdependency between digitizing, scanning, nesting and cutting.

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Fabric cutting room

Unlike simple fabric cutting machines, Lectra’s solutions combine high-performance production equipment and software for single, low, or multi-ply spreading and cutting, in a flexible, agile cutting room.

Ensure sustained performance with services tailored to your precise production needs.

Optimize production costs, improve quality, and shorten production cycle time.

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Customer Stories

Duvivier Productions (France)


See how our solutions supported Duvivier Productions' business development strategy.

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Ekornes (Norway)


Find out how we helped Norway-based sofa manufacturer Ekornes improve productivity without increasing resources.

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Polipol (Germany)

To satisfy growing consumer demand for personalization without sacrificing quality, profitability or production speed, Polipol teamed up with Lectra to build a leading-edge leather upholstery manufacturing plant.

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Muebles Liz (Mexico)

Muebles Liz was looking to reduce operating costs, improve productivity and maintain delivery times. By investing in Lectra’s expertise and a new Vector®, Muebles Liz has quadrupled production capacity, reduced costs and is able to cut all fabrics, including vinyl and non-wovens, automatically.

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